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A brief introduction to fluorescent pigments

by:Xucai     2019-12-15
Fluorescent pigments are divided into inorganic fluorescent pigments and organic fluorescent pigments. Only substances with specific chemical structures can have fluorescent characteristics. However, these fluorescent colorants themselves often have congenital deficiencies in light resistance, solvent resistance and other properties. One way to overcome these inherent deficiencies is to fuse them into the framework of polymer materials by chemical or physical methods and further process them into pigments. The following is a brief introduction to fluorescent pigments. The fluorescent pigment printed cloth adds a flashing substance into the printing paste and prints it on the fabric. After post-treatment, the printed product is exposed to sunlight or strong light, it produces a strong luster from various angles, and it is embellished with a dazzling print pattern that flashes a pearly luster. This kind of pearlescent pulp is different from that of pearlescent pulp. The former is bright and shiny, while the latter is soft and shiny. The cover printing is directly printed by the paint, and the anti-dyeing printing effect is obtained on the dyed fabric. Inorganic pigments should be added to the cover printing pulp to improve its covering ability to dyed fabrics, so that white light and bright colors can be obtained on the dyeing background color. In order to produce glittering pearlescent luster and brightly colored cover printing, the technical requirements of fluorescent pigment process and the selection of raw materials for each process should be considered first.
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