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Antioxidant golden onion powder, what are the advantages

by:Xucai     2020-05-09
Antioxidant green slurry is usually collocation gold onion powder used together, oxidation with glitter slurry have quite high request for golden onion powder, oxidation with pulp and glitter powder printing out of the effect of main if look at the quality of the glitter powder. So what's the advantage antioxidant glitter? Let's simple to understand: under oxidation with plasma is a kind of waterborne resin polymer, more do not contain heavy metal material, oxidation resistance is strong, is specially used to stick the glitter powder strong stickiness and environmentally friendly pulp. Using antioxidant golden onion paste viscosity of gold is not easy to rub off after the onion powder, not easy off powder, stick relay is strong, good adhesion, all lit after dry. The onion powder, of course, is to choose the gold onion powder, onion powder containing aluminum gold onion powder, polyester glitter powder, magic dust, laser golden onion powder, etc. All lines were combined with surface coating, color bright, the climate, the temperature of mild corrosive chemicals have a certain resistance and temperature tolerance. This is the advantage of antioxidant golden onion powder, hope some help to you.
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