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Application of Pearlescent Pigment in ceramic enamel

by:Xucai     2019-12-26
Pearlescent Pigment is composed of several metal oxide thin layers coated with Mica. Changing the thin layer of metal oxide can produce different pearlescent effects. Compared with other pigments, pearlescent pigments have incomparable effects on their unique soft pearl luster. The special surface structure, high refractive index and good transparency make it create the same effect as pearl luster in transparent medium. The excellent chemical corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance of Pearlescent Pigment provide the possibility of its wide application in coatings, inks, plastics and various fields, they provide a new color system and color quality for these products. The pearlescent pigment of the effect pigment manufacturer has low heavy metal content and meets the relevant safety technical standards, so it can be used in food packaging and children's toys. Neither acid nor alkali can erode pearlescent pigments at normal temperature. Pearlescent Pigment can not burn, not spontaneous combustion, non-conductive, can withstand 600 ~ A high temperature of 800 ° C. can also be used in radiation curing systems (Electron beam curing, Photocuring)In the reactive coating. The special surface chemical structure of Pearlescent Pigment makes it have excellent hydrophilicity, so it can be applied to water-based coatings, but it has poor lipophilicity, so when used in organic systems, the problem of poor dispersibility will occur, pearlescent pigments need to be surface treated so that they can also be well applied to organic systems. The Pearl pigment of the metallic glitter manufacturer is translucent. In the application process, it is necessary to pay attention to its gloss performance and use it to achieve good pearlescent effect. Because the chemical properties of XUCAI pearlescent pigments are stable and non-metallic pigments, the safety can be guaranteed. Therefore, it is widely used in plastic processing, such as artificial leather, wallpaper, plastic packaging film, cosmetics, shampoo packaging, household appliance plastic parts, artificial pearls, plastic buttons and other plastic products, glitter are widely used to increase attraction. Moreover, pearlescent glitter can be applied to almost all thermoplastics and some thermosetting plastics. The concentration of pearlescent pigments used in plastics depends on different application conditions, but is generally 1-2% (Resin weight) , Has achieved satisfactory pearlescent effect, for some film products, it is necessary to use up to 4-8% pearlescent pigment concentration. In addition, some glitter with lower transparency also need to use higher content of glitter or larger particles to highlight the effect. Adding some pearls to the classical style of porcelain products can make the patterns or patterns on the porcelain more vivid. Mica titanium pearlescent pigment made from synthetic fluorophlogopite or crystal mica sheet has strong high temperature resistance and can be widely used in ceramics and enamel. However, the Pearlescent Pigment made of ordinary Muscovite cannot withstand the firing temperature of ceramic and enamel beads. When in use, the pearlescent pigment is mixed with the magnetic glaze, and then coated on the dried porcelain cup according to the degree of glazing, and calcined under the condition that the kiln maintains strong oxidation, when the temperature is reached, a beautiful pearlescent ceramic product can be formed. The Magic pearlescent ceramic product can display a particularly beautiful interference color effect.
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