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Application of Pearlescent Pigment in floor paint

by:Xucai     2019-12-27
Any object is made up of many parts, each of which has a great effect. Therefore, even if it is a very small detail, we cannot ignore the subtle point. Therefore, the role of glitter in epoxy floor coatings is very important. The traditional task of pigments in epoxy floor paints is to endow the receptors with various colors and high-quality pigments with brilliant colors, which are not only bright and dazzling, have good hiding power, but also have good weather resistance, the inferior pigment is dull and easy to change color and fade. Some coatings also use dyes to increase the transparency of the coating film, and glitter and invisible magic pigments also appear, making epoxy floor paint coatings more attractive. play a role in coloring and covering coatings. The use of organic pigments is prone to problems such as floating colors and flowers. The chemical properties of organic pigments are poor. Therefore, in green and white, Chromium Oxide Green, iron oxide and other epoxy floor coatings, inorganic glitter with good chemical medium resistance and weather resistance should be selected. The choice of filler has a great influence on the performance of the coating. Better Addition can not only improve the mechanical strength, wear resistance and covering force of the coating, but also reduce the volume shrinkage of epoxy resin, reduce the cost, and endow the coating with good storage stability. Excessive addition will increase the viscosity of the coating, making it difficult to level off and causing construction difficulties. The filler is mainly composed of fibrous and flaky fillers with low oil absorption, medium fineness and stability, such as heavy stone powder, quartz powder and talcum powder. This is the role of pigment in epoxy floor coating. Although it is small, it is also very important. The metallic glitter of the pearl powder manufacturer is very simple to use in the coating. In order to make the dispersion easier and easier to use, first, a proper amount of Pearlescent Pigment is pre-wetted and then mixed in various transparent substrates and stirred evenly to obtain Pearlescent coating. Matters needing attention when using: 1. Pearlescent products can be combined with transparent dyes or pigments to obtain unique and beautiful color effects, but if combined with opaque pigments, pearl luster will be reduced. 2, high shear mixing or long-term mixing, the particles of the pearlescent product will be destroyed, which is the reason for the reduction of the true bead gloss. 3. When the coating is at low viscosity, the pearlescent product particles will precipitate. Please stir again when using.
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