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Can a paint gun spray glitter powder? What should I pay attention?

by:Xucai     2019-12-20
Can the spray gun spray glitter powder

glitter can show a shining, bright and luxurious decorative effect, ideal for spraying indoor and outdoor objects such as crafts, furniture, accessories and cars. At present, wet spraying is mainly used in the domestic market in the spraying process. The following is a brief introduction to wet spraying of flash powder.

1. Coating method of flash powder

Ordinary spray guns are generally not suitable for spraying glitter powder, in most cases, it is recommended to use a special glitter powder spray gun and solvent-resistant glitter powder for coating. The effect of forming a coating film has a great relationship with the setting, quality or brand of the spray gun.

II. Gloss of glitter powder

In most cases, due to the large error, we do not recommend using a gloss meter to measure the gloss of the metal appearance coating, but only using a visual comparison method to determine whether it is consistent with the standard sample.

iii. Recovery of flash powder coating

for flash powder coating made by wet mixing method, other auxiliary materials and additives will be added in the spraying process, separate discharge will pollute the environment, and special recovery equipment must be provided for centralized recovery to avoid damage to the environment.

4. The finish layer of flash powder coating

spraying the finish layer on the flash powder coating film has the following advantages: enhancing the impact resistance of the flash powder coating film; Increase the aesthetic effect of the flash powder coating; Thoroughly solve the erasability of glitter; Improve the weather resistance of the flash powder coating. In order to ensure the appearance effect of the finish layer, it is required that the workpiece sprayed for the first time should not be polluted. Therefore, it is generally necessary to have a fully automated spraying line and two sets of independent spraying rooms for separate coating. It is recommended not to spray the finish layer under normal circumstances. Only when the requirements are very high, such as: high-end home appliances, car hubs and outdoor use (Ensure weather resistance)Wait.

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