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Can I add glitter powder to the paint?

by:Xucai     2019-12-19
The glitter effect of glitter powder is good, the color is rich, can it be used in the paint, how much ratio is added, is there any need to pay attention?

The answer is yes, glitter powder can not only be added to paint, there are still many uses in this way, such as glitter powder cars, which add different colors of glitter powder to paint to make various colorful laser flash effects, as well as various handicrafts and high-grade packaging materials.

although there is no problem with painting onion powder, however, adding glitter powder to paint requires attention to some details

1, and selecting glitter

with corresponding performance. Many paints contain corrosive, acid-alkaline solvent components, the addition of ordinary glitter powder will fade and whiten. It supplies professional solvent-resistant glitter powder, which is suitable for all kinds of solvents. The product does not fade and does not whiten.

2, according to the construction process to choose the corresponding particle size

Different processes will have corresponding requirements on the size of onion powder, in order to obtain satisfactory product results.

3, be sure to choose a regular manufacturer to ensure stable product quality

how to spray onion powder? Spraying glitter powder is a very convenient common operation method, simple operation, fast operation, high efficiency, suitable for many product processing, and satisfactory results, the spray of glitter powder mentioned here actually includes two methods, one, spray, two, sprinkle, two operation methods use different tools, different product choices.

1. Precautions for spraying glitter

1, select Professional spray gun

2, and select onion powder with different particle sizes

3 according to the required effect, according to the addition medium of glitter powder, the glitter sequins

4 with different properties are selected, according to the processed products, make corresponding protective treatment

II. Precautions for sprinkling glitter powder

1, according to the product, select the corresponding operator, such as manual dusting or dusting machine dusting

2, manual sprinkling is relatively simple, and the Machine sprinkling efficiency is high, powder evenly

3, artificial dusting must pay attention to protective measures, avoid inhaling glitter powder

The above are some methods for spraying glitter powder with glitter powder and precautions.
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