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Characteristics of pearlescent pigments

by:Xucai     2019-12-30
add a proper amount of carbon black to get a good metallic luster. White series of glitter added 0. 01% carbon black, you can get the effect of ancient silver; Gold series of pearlescent pigments added 0. 01% carbon black, you can get a bronze effect. Appropriate adjustment of carbon black content can achieve different effects. The Pearlescent Pigment itself has good dispersibility and can be dispersed evenly by simple mixing. Avoid using a high-shear mixer for a long time to avoid damaging its particles and affecting the luster effect of the beads. Arc resistance: pearlescent glitter of the Pearlescent Pigment brand are not conductive and arc resistant. Generally, powdery metal pigments have many safety restrictions when stored and used, so they are mostly mixed into liquid metal pigments for processing. However, pearlescent pigments can be directly processed in powder form and do not need to be modulated into liquid form for use, so this characteristic is especially beneficial when replacing common metal powder. High temperature resistance: glitter are especially suitable for high temperature use due to their high temperature resistance up to 800 °c. Acid and alkali resistance: glitter have good chemical resistance, so they are suitable for use as colorants in materials containing acid and alkali. The color of the pearlescent pigment of the metallic glitter manufacturer is related to the background color of the substrate. On a white substrate, transmitted light can be seen at any angle, while the interference color is not obvious. If it is on a black or dark substrate, the transmitted light is absorbed by the substrate, and the interference color at the reflection angle is strong. The Pearlescent Pigment reflects light according to the specular effect, so the interference color can be seen at the reflection angle, while in the scattering angle direction, the complementary color of the interference color can still be seen because the light passes through the thin layer. For example, an interference red Pearlescent Pigment coating can see red at the reflection angle and green at the scattering angle. The white pearlescent pigment is White at the reflection angle, and the color of the substrate or the color of the colorant is revealed at the scattering angle.
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