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Color principle of domestic pearlescent pigments

by:Xucai     2020-01-06
Compared with traditional optical absorption organic inorganic pigments and optical reflection metal glitter, glitter have completely different color principles, so their effects are unique. The pearlescent pigment of the Pearlescent Pigment brand is the main representative of the optical interference pigment above the three-legged. Pearlescent Pigment crystals will reflect and refract light. Most of the light will be reflected in multiple parallel to form a pearl luster. Some of the light will penetrate the transparent crystal and the rest will be reflected, the hue of the reflected light is the complementary color of the transmitted color. from pearl powder manufacturers show different effects in use depending on the size of their particles. In general, the larger the particles, the stronger the flicker effect, and the weaker the hiding power of the background color; On the contrary, the smaller the particles, the stronger the hiding power to the background color, and the softer the luster. The sheet is coated with titanium dioxide with high refractive index, and pearlescent effects of silver white or gold, red, purple, blue, green and other different hues can be obtained by accurately controlling the thickness of the film. Titanium dioxide and ferric oxide with high refractive index are coated on the sheet, and gold pearlescent with different hue can be obtained by accurately controlling the coating thickness of metal oxide. Coated with high refractive index ferric oxide on the sheet, the flash effect of different metallic luster can be produced by accurately controlling the thickness of the film. For less transparent resins, due to the processing characteristics of these resins, the pearlescent luster and hue can also be fully displayed. are widely used in cosmetic containers, various packaging, toys, decorative materials, various films and other plastic products. Changing the thickness of metal oxides or the types of metal oxides will bring about color changes. can be used for transparent and translucent plastic resins. The use of pearlescent pigments will bring a fascinating color visual effect. Usually, the more transparent the resin is, the more it can fully display the unique luster and color effect of pearlescent glitter. The use method of Pearlescent Pigment the cross section of Pearlescent Pigment has a physical structure similar to Pearl; The core is Mica with low optical refractive index, and the outer layer is wrapped with metal oxides with high refractive index, such as titanium dioxide or iron oxide. In the ideal application, the Pearlescent Pigment is evenly dispersed in the coating, and forms a multi-layer distribution parallel to the surface of the substance. As in the Pearl, the incident light will pass through multiple reflections, the interference reflects the pearlescent effect. With the development of Pearlescent Pigment production, the application of Pearlescent Pigment is more and more well known. It can be used for automobile, motorcycle, bicycle coating, powder coating, architectural coating, pearlescent ink, pearlescent plastic products, pearlescent cosmetics, and can also be used in papermaking, printing and dyeing, printing rubber, ceramics and other industries. are mainly divided into the following categories: 1. Pearlescent powder is divided into ordinary powdery pearlescent materials and pearlescent balls dispersed with soft resin, the colors mainly include silver, bright gold, metallic color, Rainbow interference color and Chameleon series. The pearl powder of Pearlescent Pigment brand has different particle sizes according to the direction of use and the effect of use. The smaller the particle size, pearl powder hiding power stronger; Particle size the greater the pearl powder gloss stronger; In the printing industry, the particle size has relatively strict requirements. Small particle size can be used for offset printing. Larger particle size can be used for flexo printing and gravure printing, and has better effect. 2. Pearl paste is a high viscosity Pearl material, which is more suitable for mixing with offset printing ink, has excellent hiding power and good gloss, and is suitable for offset printing. Usage of pearl powder: 1. Intaglio and flexo printing shall be made by mixing metallic glitter with ink with the particle size corresponding to the printing plate. 2. The pearlescent effect is related to the bearing capacity and mixing ratio of the ink to pearlescent. 3. In offset printing, pearlescent powder with smaller particle size is selected to be mixed with printing ink according to a certain proportion for printing or water-based and UV glazing systems are used to add a certain proportion of pearlescent powder to the glazing oil for glazing. coating, the Pearl paste and offset printing ink with good effect can be mixed in a certain proportion for printing, which can greatly improve the brightness of the ink and the pearl effect.
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