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Colorful flash powder product introduction

by:Xucai     2020-05-15
Its material divided into PET and PVC, PVC material not solvent resistant high temperature resistant, low value, definitely big countless clients because the problem of value choice the PVC, but the product is often can't afford to hone, under the bottle of solvent bleaching and make molding items sent even if finished, but in view of the time of product, it is not a problem, as do Christmas gift is so, as long as after Christmas may wish to submit an expense account. And the material of PET, solvent resistance, high temperature resistant, relative value is much higher, often use PVC material do customers can not adopt a PET material colorful' target='_blank'>glitter bulk, so use in PVC material. Effect, as a kind of special surface treatment materials, golden onion powder ordinary used in handicrafts, Christmas candle torch technology, cosmetic, silk screen printing industry ( Cloth, leather, shoes, shoes materials, new series) , decorative materials ( Craft glass crafts, crystal glass; Crystal glass crystal ball) , decoration, furniture paint, packing, Christmas gifts, toys, pens, such as line, the characteristic is to reinforce the product's visual effect, make the decoration part rugged organized, have stereo feeling more. And the characteristics of its high flash, more make decorations dazzling bright, times add brilliance. Four: 0. 1毫米,0。 3毫米,0。 4毫米,0。 5毫米,0。 6毫米,0。 8毫米,1。 0毫米,3。 0 mm turret: 1/500 ( 0. 05mm) And 1/360 ( 0. 07mm) And 1/256 ( 0. 1mm) And 1/170 ( 0. 15mm) And 1/128 ( 0. 2毫米) And 1/96 ( 0. 3mm) And 1/64 ( 0. 4mm) 1/40 ( 0. 5毫米) And 1/32 ( 0. 6毫米) And 1/24 ( 0. 8mm) And 1/20 ( 1. 3mm) And 1/12 ( 2. 0mm) And 1/10 ( 2. 5毫米) And 1/8 ( 3. 0mm) Strips: 0. 3 x1。 5毫米,0。 3 x3mm, 0。 3 x4。 7毫米
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