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Current market situation of pearlescent pigments

by:Xucai     2019-12-23
Pearlescent Pigment is an optical effect pigment, which is coated with one or more layers of metal oxides (Including titanium dioxide, iron oxide) A material that produces multiple levels of reflection when illuminated, resulting in a shimmering luster. By changing the thickness of the metal oxide, different pearlescent effects can be produced; By using different metal oxide types, different hues can be obtained. The mass ratio of Pearlescent Pigment in pearlescent topcoat is generally controlled at 3%-8%. Through 6%, in order to increase the hiding power of Mica Pearlescent Pigment, a small amount (Generally 10% of pearlescent pigments) The addition of aluminum powder and aluminum powder with equal particle size improves the hiding power but affects the gloss. When configuring a transparent topcoat with pearlescent pigments, the mass ratio of the pigment to the carrier is 1- 3 is appropriate, the thin pigment can make the background color more visible through the transparent pearlescent layer. are generally painted separately. It cannot be mixed with opaque or light scattering pigments such as titanium dioxide cadmium acid pigment, high coloring rate pigment and ordinary iron oxide pigment. are widely used in the industrial fields of automobiles, cosmetics, coatings, plastics and inks. Due to their unique pearlescent optical characteristics and metal flash effect, they are in line with the trend of consumption upgrading, it has unique advantages in the application of automobiles, cosmetics and other fields. The growth rate of Pearl pigment demand in developed countries in Europe and the United States is about 4-of its GDP growth rate- 5 times, China's demand growth rate is only 2 times its GDP growth rate. It is estimated that the global demand for glitter is expected to grow by about 15% in the next few years. In addition to following the growth of downstream industries, the penetration rate in various fields will also increase. At present, the global annual demand for glitter is about 1 million tons, including 100 thousand tons of pearlescent pigments, 400 thousand tons of organic glitter, 200 thousand tons of metal pigments and 200 thousand tons of inorganic pigments, other types of pigments are about 100 thousand tons. Due to the clean and less pollution in the production process of pearlescent glitter, it is expected to gradually replace organic pigments and metal pigments. At present, the demand for pearlescent pigments accounts for about 10%, with a large replacement space.
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