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Different applications of pearl powder

by:Xucai     2020-01-01
Pearlescent powder is divided into ordinary powdery pearlescent materials and pearlescent balls dispersed with soft resin. The colors are mainly silver, bright gold, metallic, Rainbow interference color and Chameleon series, among them, pearl powder has different particle sizes according to the direction of use and the effect of use. The smaller the particle size, the stronger the hiding power of pearl powder; Particle size the greater the pearl powder gloss stronger; In the printing industry, the particle size has relatively strict requirements. Small particle size can be used for offset printing. Larger particle size can be used for flexo printing and gravure printing, and has better effect. Pearlescent paste is a kind of pearlescent material with high viscosity and viscosity, which is more suitable for mixing with offset printing ink, has good hiding power and good gloss, and is suitable for offset printing. The application of Pearl pigment from metallic glitter manufacturers in different printing methods is different. The main factors that affect the effect of metallic glitter are: the nature of ink, the transfer of ink, printing process and the types of printing materials. Pearlescent glitter have larger particles than traditional ink pigments, so some printing conditions must be adjusted to ensure printing quality. Line on transfer roller and gravure roller (Article)The number should be changed to 75-Line 100 (Article) , The screen should be 100 mesh and 250 mesh to match the use of larger particles, so the ink film is thicker, so the drying temperature should be adjusted, and the smoothness of pa. Attention should be paid to each situation. Volatility of solvents and properties of chromogenic agents. When the printed surface is pressed or pressed, the effect of pearl luster will be improved. Gift wrapping paper with special effects can be printed on dark paper and then embossed. Bleached natural Kraft paper can produce metallic luster after printing and squeezing. Due to strong grinding and high shear stirring, the pigment will be crushed and tarnished. Generally speaking, pearlescent powder of Pearlescent Pigment brand is evenly added into printing ink in one process, using dispersant and high-speed stirring, the stirring time of each batch must be kept constant and short. Special attention must be paid to the use of transparent adhesives as much as possible to avoid the use of opaque and scattered light additives. The future development direction of pearlescent powder. In the past ten years, the pearlescent materials of global pearlescent powder manufacturers have developed rapidly, with the output increasing from about 20 thousand tons in 2000 to about 100 thousand tons in 2015, the annual compound growth rate is about 11. 33%. The overall supply and demand of pearlescent materials in the world are growing at a high speed. As an effect material, Pearlescent Pigment creates the same effect as pearl luster in transparent medium due to its special surface structure, high refractive index and good transparency, it has incomparable characteristics of ordinary glitter. Especially when the production technology of synthetic mica is conquered and mass production reduces its cost, and pearlescent materials and coatings based on synthetic mica are compared with pearlescent materials based on natural mica, it has the advantages of good color purity, good brightness, clean powder appearance, low heavy metal content, etc. Its application scope has become more and more extensive, and the application fields and quantity of products have shown expansive growth. Although the development history of metallic glitter pigment of Pearl pigment brand is short, it has unique decorative effect and excellent characteristics such as non-toxicity, acid resistance, alkali resistance, non-conductivity, non-magnetic conductivity, stable chemical properties, etc, the application prospect is very broad. (1) Due to the high pearlescent color of rutile type, the development of rutile accelerator is of great significance for the preparation of high-quality pearlescent Mica. (2) With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the appearance quality of articles, the application field of pearl powder pigment is expanding day by day, thus putting forward higher requirements for its performance. At present, little work has been done on the surface modification of Pearl pigment, in the future, more in-depth research will be focused on the properties of the main surface treatment agents such as silica and alumina and their effects on glitter. (3) Multi-coating colored mica Pearlescent Pigment has better performance than single-coating pigment due to its structure improvement, which can meet the use of some special occasions, and will be another research focus in the future.
The importance of glitter powder has increased as colors glitter have become a must in our daily life.
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