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Does diatom ooze look good with glitter powder?

by:Xucai     2019-12-19
How to distinguish between good and bad glitter powder, five strokes teach you to distinguish between the glitter powder in the paint, how to add? Is glitter poisonous and harmful to the body? How can glitter powder be evenly sprinkled? What kind of glitter powder is used to sprinkle? Is glitter powder or pearl powder with high flash? What glue is used to stick glitter on clothes and shoes? What about accidentally inhaling glitter powder? Is it poisonous? Can the spray gun spray glitter powder? It is necessary to pay attention to which glitter powder is used in the decoration of home building materials in many applications. The glitter is rich in color, various in effect and different in shape. It is suitable for diatom mud, make a variety of effects to meet the needs of our customers. The following are some points that should be paid attention to when using diatom mud.

1. Stir

add glitter powder diatom mud must be stirred evenly before it can be used, generally, the most common method is to pour appropriate amount of water and diatom mud into a container for soaking, and then stir after a few minutes. How much water should be poured after mixing evenly. It is strictly forbidden to open the faucet to directly inject the water. The amount of water is determined by experience. Otherwise, the color will be different due to the different amount of water per barrel.

2. Apply

after the glitter powder is evenly stirred, it can be applied. The application is generally carried out in two times. The first time the diatom mud should be coated with an average of about 1mm. After it is not sticky, it can be applied for the second time. The thickness of the second application is 1. 5mm or so, the thickness of the two smears must not exceed 3mm.

3. Making texture patterns

It is understood that in addition to ecological functionality, diatom ooze has the greatest feature of carving beautiful patterns on it. Therefore, after the applied diatom ooze is completely dried, the texture pattern can be made according to your own preferences. In principle, there is no limit to the expression of texture. Diatom mud wall material is like mural material. Construction tools are like tools used for murals. As long as you have imagination and artistic skills, you can play on the wall of construction, but this kind of master character is very few after all.

4. Light collection

after the texture pattern on the surface of diatom ooze is finished, light collection trowel can be used to compact and collect light along the pattern texture.

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