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Formula of luminous powder and oily luminous printing paste

by:Xucai     2019-12-14
At present, the state is very strict in checking environmental protection, especially in 2017, many jobs with environmental protection problems were shut down, which also responded positively to the state's normal promotion of environmental protection, luminous powder is an environmentally friendly product. No matter where it is applied, today we are going to introduce the formula of metallic glitter and oily luminous printing paste: Perchloroethylene and cyclohexanone soaking, after 24 h, dissolve naturally, then add the luminous powder and mix well. This kind of luminous printing paste can be used not only on fabrics but also on PVC plates. The firmness is quite good and the luminous life can be prolonged. It is suitable for road, traffic sign display, signboard, house number, building display and decoration, display of various electrical switches and keyholes, handicrafts and toys, clothing buttons, luminous stationery, clocks, instruments, etc. The problems that should be paid attention to in luminous printing, ● Try to use the yellow-green special luminous powder to mix the luminous printing paste, and the yellow-green luminous brightness is high. If you need other colors of luminous printing paste, you can add the same color of paint, but the brightness is weakened. ● Luminous printing paste is generally used in conjunction with paint, so it has visual effect both in daytime and at night. The general printing sequence should be in front of paint and in the back of luminous printing paste. But the two should not be overprinted, otherwise it will hinder the luminous performance. ● The luminous foaming printing pulp can also be added to the essence to make a new type of luminous, foaming and fragrance three-in-one printing pulp. The background color of the fabric has a great influence on the luminous brightness. The brightness of the white fabric luminous printing is 100, and the brightness of the light-colored fabric luminous printing is 80 ~ 90. The brightness of dark fabric luminous printing is below 80. The reason is that White has a reflection effect on light, light-colored fabrics have poor reflection ability, dark fabrics have a strong ability to absorb light, and the light emitted by luminescent substances is partially absorbed by dark fabrics, the brightness of the light is weakened.
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