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Glitter powder application-Eva glitter powder paper

by:Xucai     2019-12-16
has many colors and specifications, and is widely used in various fields such as toys, stationery, cosmetics, coatings, handicrafts, decoration, plastic products, packaging, etc, today, I will introduce you to the application of glitter powder in EVA glitter paper.

eva glitter paper is a widely used material, the most well-known should be the EVA glitter paper that can protect and even decorate the effect. Indeed, it is the raw material that includes the protective cover of the book or other common card sets, starting from the actual use of users and the later purchase feedback, we can also find that it has the advantages of high cost performance, long service life and environmental protection and health, so it is suitable for consumers of different ages.

glitter powder paper can be used as decorative wall surface, the auxiliary materials of the homemade greeting card can also be used to make artificial flowers and scrapbooking. At present, it is more popular to make small pendants, and the products are brightly colored, soft texture

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