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Golden onion powder and what is the difference between silver

by:Xucai     2020-05-07
Golden onion powder due to the high level of plating material of the pure brightness fine cut. The material is PET, PVC, OPP, aluminum material, particle size can be from 0. 002mm - 6. 0 mm can be produced. Its shape is quadrangle, hexagonal, rectangle, diamond, etc. So what's the difference between and silver powder? Here let's simple to understand: golden color with gold and silver onion powder, seven color, color, color, pearl color, such as laser for to choose. All lines were combined with surface protection layer, colour and lustre is light, the climate, the temperature of mild corrosive chemicals must be resistance and temperature tolerance. Silver and silver have same silver shiny aluminum aluminum powder, is a kind of metallic paint. Aluminum foil for a small amount of lubricant, crushed by the pound hit squamous powder, then through polishing. Aluminum powder is qualitative light, in the air is very stable, reflection ability, high floating force, strong hiding power, heat and light reflection performance are good. After processing, can also be a float type aluminum powder. Silver powder ( Aluminum powder) Because of wide application, high demand, many varieties, so was one of the categories of metallic pigment. Pigment with aluminum powder particles is flaky, also because of the scaly particles state, aluminium powder with metallic and shielding function. System of aluminium powder has two ways: a pure aluminium flake with a small amount of lubricant blend with mechanical crushing; Another kind is pure aluminium heat melt into liquid, after spray into fine aluminium powder. Aluminum powder mixed with oil solvent into slurry, become a slurry aluminium powder pigment also called silver paste. The above is the difference between and silver powder, hope to help you.
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