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Golden onion powder pigment printing using the technology?

by:Xucai     2020-05-01
Golden onion powder dye printing paint, not used to make prints still very ordinary, so that the starting count it as an independent printing method. Pigment printing is printed directly with golden onion powder coating, the process is called dry printing usually, respectively in the wet printing. Had a comparison on the same piece of fabric printing position and not printed parts hardness difference, as well as pigment printing and dye printing, respectively. Than pigment printing area without printing area feel somewhat hard, may be more thicker. If the fabric is made of the dye printing, the printing and printing positions, there is no apparent hardness difference. Dark pigment printing compared with light color or light color, feel more hard, more a lack of flexibility. Exist when testing a piece of golden onion powder pigment printing fabric, shall ensure that all inspection color, because on the same piece of fabric, may also contain dye and coating. White coatings are used in printing, this factor might as well not depreciate. Contrast in pigment printing is printing production of cheap printing method, because of glitter coating printing is relatively simple, the process control, less common not demand steaming and washing. Golden onion powder coating has a bright, brilliant color, can be used for all textile fibers. Their good fastness and light fastness and to dry cleaning even claim to be excellent, so ordinary for decorative fabric, curtain fabric and needs dry cleaning of clothing fabrics. The rest, golden onion powder coating almost no bigger color difference in the different batches of fabric, and hide in when overprinting on the base of color is very good. Follow repeatedly washed or dry-cleaned, golden onion powder pigment printing will gradually decoloring, color become weak gradually. This is due to keep running in the process of washing and mixing is shattered by the resin binder. Usually had a 20 - Thirty times after washing, this print will appear decoloring phenomenon obviously. Due to the late using silicon resin and weak in the process of cleaning agent for fabric processing, make the color fastness to be modified. Notable is darker than the light color or light color are more likely to decolor. Golden onion powder coating makes the fabric printing parts feel stiff, light color when the situation is not too obviously, when the dark is quite clearly. Dark coating should prevent such as furniture decorative fabric.
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