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Golden onion powder printing coating can be divided into which a few kinds

by:Xucai     2020-05-05
Golden onion powder printing paint rather than use dye to produce calico has very wide, and even began to regard it as an independent way of printing. Pigment printing is printed directly with golden onion powder coating, the process that is called a dry process printing, to distinguish it from wet printing. Through the process of bucket strength on the same piece of fabric printed parts and not printed parts hardness difference, can be the difference between pigment printing and dye printing. Than pigment printing area without printing area feel somewhat hard, may be more thicker. If the fabric is made of the dye printing, the printing area and not printing area, there is no more the hardness difference. Dark pigment printing compared with light color or light, feel is more rigid, less flexible. When checking a existence with glitter pigment printing fabric, should make sure to check all colors, because on the same piece of fabric, may also contain dye and coating. White coatings are used in printing, this factor not to ignore. Pigment printing is printing printed bucket strength in the cheap way, because the golden onion powder coating printing is relatively simple, the required process less fighting strength, those who do not need to steam and water. Golden onion powder coating has a bright, rich color, can be used for all textile fibers. Their light fastness and dry cleaning resistant fastness, appearing even claim to be best, so it is widely used in decorative fabric, curtain fabric and the fabric to be dry-cleaned. In addition, the golden onion powder coating almost no bigger color difference in differences on batches of fabric, and on the base of cover when overprinting is also very good. Follow the inexhaustible washed or dry-cleaned, golden onion powder pigment printing will gradually fade, the color become weak gradually. This is because in the process of cleaning up move and stir to gradually loss caused by resin adhesive. Through the 20 - commonly 30 after cleaning, the prints will present a fading. Due later in the application in the process of resin and silicone softener to freedom of fabric, the color fastness to improve. It is worth noting that the darker than a pale or light are more likely to fade. Golden onion powder coating makes the fabric printing parts feel stiff, light when this environment is not too much more, when the dark is waiting. Should avoid to use brunet coating in such as furniture decorative fabric.
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