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Golden onion powder spray gun to how to apply

by:Xucai     2020-05-04
Spray gun to use dry spray process to spray into the object object candy golden onion powder, specific humidity spray easier to in charge of the spraying temperature ( Wet spraying process basic has been eliminated, once the sag, gold green onion powder also follow the flow, form the coating thickness is differ, advanced polishing also more not easy) Do spend, the more appropriate careful, in want to make gold green candy effects, easier to control. How to use the golden onion powder spray gun? The following simple look at: dry spray is another big advantage, that is try spraying larger Flake sequins or' target='_blank'>glitter bulk. 1. After adjusting pressure over the pneumatic pick machine hose, first dispatch the barometer to the lowest don't vent; And then to the tank into the golden onion powder, tighten, slowly raise the pressure, after heard a slight hiss of the gas, has profound gun a big carton, one side slowly by high pressure, and watching golden onion out status, until appropriate jet arrived at the required amount to oneself, finally locked the adjustable table, can be in the formal dry spray. 2. Spraying main point on the demand to do glitter effects of wet spray varnish ( With good curing agent of varnish, all with below) , while did not work, use the spray gun out adhere to their golden onion powder, according to the golden onion intensity, repeat repeat the behavior ( After spraying powder spray a layer of varnish, then spray powder; After each spray, need to do 5 - 7 minutes to spray on the next varnish) Until the preferred. The above is the use of glitter spray gun, hope some help to you.
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