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Golden onion powder, what are some characteristics of high quality

by:Xucai     2020-05-14
Golden onion powder, also known as flash, glitter bulk, because of the large size is also called the golden onion sequins by high pure brightness difference thickness of PET, PVC, OPP metal aluminium film raw materials for plating, coating by careful cut. Golden onion powder particle size can be from 0. 004mm - 3. 0 mm can be produced. Environmental protection is PET material. The form a quadrangle, hexagonal, such as rectangle, prismatic, etc. Silver glitter pink divided into laser, laser, laser color ( Including red, blue and green purple pink black) Silver, gold, color ( Red, blue, green, purple pink black) Iridescence series. All lines were combined with surface coating, color bright, the climate, the temperature of mild corrosive chemicals have a certain resistance and temperature tolerance. So what are the quality features? Let's simple to understand: under cities onion powder variety of gold color, the specification is various, high quality of , embodied in the following several major indicators: 1, high brightness: from the surface brightness, high quality of , the shining degree is high, high brightness, mirror effect obviously. 2, form a: quality of , under a microscope to see form, form a gauge, a criterion of hexagonal, did not appear the condition of different sizes and powder. 3, strong acid and alkali resistance, high quality of , in strong acid and strong alkali soaking liquid medium and long-term, to maintain color. 4, high temperature resistant: try cooking ways, the in high-temperature cooking after no discoloration or one-sided decoloring is top grade. This approach for recognition for glitter glue and nail polish with glitter powder. The above is have characteristics of high quality, hope some help to you.
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