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Golden onion powder, what are the requirements on the quality

by:Xucai     2020-05-02
Golden onion powder ( 闪闪发光的感觉) , also known as flash, glitter bulk, also called gold because of the large size onion sequins, due to the high level of different thickness of the PET of the pure brightness, metal aluminum aluminum plating film materials, coating by precision cut. Golden onion powder particle size can be from 0. 004mm - 3. 0mm。 Its shape is quadrangle, hexagonal, elongated, prismatic, etc. Golden onion powder series is divided into silvery white series, golden series, color series, laser color series, aluminum series, a series of colorful, colorful series, matte series, fluorescent series. Golden onion powder chemical properties: ordinary golden onion powder ( Not resistant to acid and alkali, solvent resistance) , general resistance to solvent with glitter powder can be weak acid weak base, solvent concentration is not high) And resistance to solvent completely golden onion powder ( But high acid and alkali resistance, high solvent) 。 Golden onion powder quality mainly include brightness, temperature resistance, solvent resistance, rules and smoothness, viewed from the outside the quality good golden onion powder particle size distribution, angular, hexagon is the rules of the honeycomb type products, no dust and impurities. Golden onion powder metal reflective effect, especially in light dazzling light. High quality glitter powder features: 1. Brightness: from the surface brightness, high quality of golden onion powder, the shining degree is high. 2. Shape: available microscope to see the shape of a golden onion powder, high quality with glitter shape is unified, rules of degree is high. 3. Ph: with water soak that day, the high quality of golden onion powder is not easy to fade. 4. High temperature resistant: identification of gold in the form of cooking onion powder, after high temperature cooking quality glitter powder won't produce adverse effect, the method used to identify more with glitter glue and nail polish with glitter.
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