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Golden onion powder, what are the standards in the production

by:Xucai     2020-05-04
Golden onion powder is a kind of comparison nice products, used in our life is more more, but the' target='_blank'>glitter powder is a kind of small products, so we have to be careful when using, if golden onion powder into the eyes of our body health also is not very good, especially chose that quality is bad, generally good with glitter product in production as we need to keep several standards. So what's the standard golden onion powder in production? So we simply find out: 1. High temperature resistant: can cooking way, and a faded after an onion powder in high-temperature cooking for top grade, this method is used to more glitter glue on the appraisal using the pen. 2. Rule degrees: high-quality golden onion powder, under a microscope to see the shape of a golden onion powder, a standard of hexagonal shape, no apparent size or powder impurities, and the feel is smooth. 3. Strong acid and alkali resistant: according to the special industry ( Such as cosmetics nail polish) Requirements, can be dipped in acid and alkali liquid for remain colourful. 4. High brightness: from the surface brightness, high quality of golden onion powder, the shining degree is high, high brightness, mirror effect is obvious. The above is the entire contents of the article, hope to help you.
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