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Hexagon glitter powder divided into which a few types

by:Xucai     2020-05-13
Hexagon PET, PVC flash powder, this product is composed of vacuum metal polyester film, the color for thermosetting crosslinking epoxy resin layer, can produce a variety of colors, by silk screen, coating used in wood, paper, cloth, metal and coating. Leather, ceramic and other materials. Form a special and remarkable effect, such as decoration or reflection. Pvc material flash powder is not high temperature resistant, 60°(C) , acid and alkali. Pet material flash powder, high temperature resistant, 170°(C) , acidproof alkali. Hexagonal metal flash powder powder consists of very thin aluminum foil, the chromatic outer is thermosetting crosslinking epoxy resin layer. This product is applicable to many soluble materials, can also be used dry. Metallic powder is an ideal material to plastic products, 250 ℃ heat resistance, resistance to acid and alkali. Hexagonal Symphony series flash powder flash powder is a kind of unique magic flash powder, metal components. However, due to a product of the optical properties of the polymer membrane, the product has a metal change color and luster, and has obvious color change. It is especially suitable for printing and processing industry, make the products with the appearance of the color change. Hex series laser flash powder, this product USES the imported high brightness, high color laser film, high-temperature coating color, the professional precision mechanical cut into uniform sequins shape. Original film is usually green PET film, laser and laser flash powder price is higher. Due to the reflection of the laser glitter bulk is better than ordinary flash powder, so commonly used in injection molding, building materials industries such as glass, make its have burnish.
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