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How big is the role of laser powder

by:Xucai     2020-05-12
PA6, PA66, PP, PE, ABS, PS, PBT, PET, PVC, POM, SEBS, TPU, TPE, and with the increase in TPV etc plastic small distribution well, might as well do it in these plastic white black, black white, black eagle gold and black color carving effect. might as well make plastic, easier be laser marking/code, may be greatly increased plastic raw materials of laser marking clearly. Male can cause tiny mark before, now still might as well get degrees of tag, laser increase agent not only practical in laser code, and practical in laser welding. Use line: most thermoplastic 'game of shuttlecocks black' glitter bulk increase agent. Suitable for filling and filling of PP, PE, PVC, HIPS, ABS, ABE, TPU, TPE, TPV, TPR, PBT, PET, PC, PA, POM, PEI, nylon, epoxy resin and silicone rubber, etc. , a laser mark legible light. Can be marked in black. White writing. 1, animal identification; 2, merging, bottle stoppers, 3, the lid and seal products; 4, seals and sealing; 5, wire and cable; 6, plastic. Laser powderincrease agent has the following advantages: a. Might as well make the plastic surface laser marking/code which b. Might as well directly with existing toner and formula of the mixed use of c. No great influence on the function of the raw material; d。 Its low increase makes use of capital; e. Suitable for laser code of difference category. The use of glitter bulk printed label still successful commercialization include cattle ear tag, lamp switch cover, cosmetic packaging materials, automobile interior buttons and door handles, dashboards, commercial machinery with ABS keyboard, HDPE, namely, PET and PVC rigid containers and container cover, nylon and PBT, automobile and automotive electrical fittings, hair thoughts cover components such as fuse box gentle cap, anti-counterfeit labels, container lock, stationery, household appliances shell, etc.
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