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How can pearlescent pigments be used in screen printing?

by:Xucai     2019-12-25
The particle size of Pearlescent Pigment is relatively large, and the adaptation range of screen printing to ink particle size is very wide, so it is very suitable to reproduce pearlescent effect by screen printing. At the same time, screen printing can also produce many other special effects, which are favored by packaging users. However, in terms of ink drying speed, zhuguanggang printing has relatively low working efficiency and is not suitable for mass printing. If uv ink is used instead of ordinary ink, although the curing speed can be improved, the high reflectivity of its printing surface has a great negative impact on the expression of the texture of some pearlescent pigments. In screen printing, glitter from pearlescent powder manufacturers are available in many directions, but are widely used in textiles. Textile screen printing now mostly uses water-based inks. Pearlescent Pigment has excellent waterproof, anti-alcohol, heat curing, anti-solvent, anti-washing, anti-sweat, anti-chemical dry cleaning and other characteristics, especially suitable for this application. Secondly, pearlescent pigments can be used in paper, cardboard, plastic film, etc. to obtain satisfactory results. The iridescent interference color of the Pearlescent Pigment brand can play a beautiful and anti-counterfeiting effect. Pearlescent glitter with different granularity; If you choose to use large-particle pearlescent pigments, you should use small-particle pigments at the same time, so that you can get a shiny luster without going through the bottom; When used with, the ratio is about large particle pigment; Small particle pigment = 1:3 or 1:4. Note: When mixing iridescent interference glitter with different particles, only a series of glossy varieties can be used, such as ir. 249 with ir. 201, etc. , otherwise it will lose the interference pearl effect. can show richer colors when mixed with different color inks. In screen printing, printing ink is transferred from the screen plate to the substrate. The screen is stretched on the frame of the screen printing plate of the platform, and the screen is used to transmit image information, and the ink is squeezed out by the rubber roller or scraper to be printed on the substrate through the screen. The material selection and manufacturing technology of the screen play an important role in the printing effect. The fiber thickness of the screen determines the thickness of the ink transfer layer. When using pearlescent glitter, it is recommended to use single fiber to prevent the pigment from blocking the mesh hole. Screen printing ink should have good application performance (Adaptability, fluidity and good curing) The ink should not block the screen hole and dry quickly after printing. Pearlescent glitter can be used in all screen printing ink systems, but are suitable for transparent ink systems. If the Pearlescent Pigment is pre-wetted and dispersed, it will be better mixed with the ink. The dosage of Pearlescent Pigment in screen printing ink is generally 8-15%. In screen printing, due to the chemical resistance of pearlescent pigments, the post-press processing process does not affect the pearlescent effect, so it is used in textiles.
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