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How to choose the color of the beauty joint glitter powder?

by:Xucai     2019-12-18
The color of the beauty joint agent glitter powder is diverse, so many people pick their eyes, do not know how to choose the color of their own tiles, let's listen to Xiaobian to share some suggestions, for your reference

The first thing is how to know whether to use the tiles at home? Don't worry, I am very self-aware of this question. This is actually not difficult, generally can be done in these three ways.

1. The first is the comparison method: look at the picture below to understand the contrast method very well. Some people think that pure white and golden glitter powder are not good-looking, too exaggerated, then you can also consider the combination of white and black glitter powder, although they have always been opposite, black and white are very harmonious in decoration.

2 then is the wild method: referring to the wild color glitter powder, I believe that everyone's first reaction is black, white, gray three colors, basically, these three colors will be taken as the keynote, which is also the truth in the decoration industry.

3 because the versatile white tiles can be matched with any color, the tiles of this color are more gorgeous at first glance, but because of the effect of white sewing agent, so the overall look is still relatively harmonious;

4 also has the same color system Method: In fact, it is light color glitter with light color, dark glitter powder with dark color. For example, your home is now filled with beauty joints, the Wall is light-colored tiles, then start with light-colored beauty joints, but it is difficult to achieve amazing results; Although the sewing agent is a small and inconspicuous thing, the color is right, and it can have an excellent decorative effect at home.

5 finally, onion powder sewing agent is an upgraded product of jointing Agent. The decorative practicability of onion powder sewing agent is obviously better than that of color caulking agent. It solves the problem that the gap between the tiles is not beautiful and dirty, black and moldy.

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