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How to distinguish between Glitter powder and what to pay attention

by:Xucai     2019-12-16
is widely used, with many colors and different specifications. The quality of each manufacturer is uneven. How to distinguish glitter powder? We can judge from the following methods.

The quality of glitter mainly includes brightness, temperature resistance, solvent resistance, regularity and smoothness.

1. From the appearance, the glitter with good quality has uniform particle size and sharp edges. The hexagonal product is regularly flaky and free of powder and impurities. If conditions permit, the shape of glitter powder can be seen with a microscope. The shape is the same, the rule is high, and if there is no difference in size and powder, it is called high-quality glitter powder

2, glitter powder has excellent metal reflective effect, especially with strong colorful reflection under the light. is processed and produced by advanced machinery and equipment. The product has excellent protection in solvent resistance and temperature resistance. The temperature resistance of the product is above 180 degrees, and the ordinary water solvent is soaked for half an hour without fading, the product is smooth, loose, and does not agglomerate when used. Brightness: from the surface brightness, the flash brightness of high-quality glitter powder is relatively high.

3. Product performance

acid and alkali resistance: it can be soaked in Tianna water without fading or whitening. High temperature resistance: The Onion powder can be identified in the form of cooking. If there is no adverse effect after high temperature cooking, it is the top grade. This method is mostly used to identify glitter powder for glitter glue and nail polish.

You can follow the above steps to identify the glitter powder. Dongguan huocai Crafts Co. , Ltd. is a professional Chinese onion manufacturing enterprise. We integrate with the research and development, production, sales and service of onion. Our products have also obtained SGS, MSDS, ISO9001, ISO14001 certificate. Popular in most domestic cities, our Glitter is also exported to countries and regions around the world, especially the United States and Europe.
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