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How to distinguish the glitter powder quality is good or bad?

by:Xucai     2020-05-09
The quality of the glitter powder mainly includes whiteness, temperature resistance, solvent resistance, smoothness and regularity. Look from the exterior, golden onion powder, particle size uniform, angular. Hexagonal honeycomb products are rules, no powder and magazines. Gold onion powder has good metal reflection effect, especially in the case of a slightly bright light. 1. Brightness: according to the surface brightness, high quality gold onion powder, high brightness. 2. Shape: if the condition allows, can use the microscope to observe the shape of a golden onion powder, same shape, high regularity, not out of their shells. In the case of different size and powder, it is called high quality golden onion powder. 3. Ph: every day soaking in the water, do not fade is considered to be a good product. 4. High temperature resistance: golden onion powder can be identified in the form of cooking, but without adverse reactions after high temperature cooking is optimal. This method is mainly used for gold onion powder and the identification of nail polish. Hope the above content can help you select high-quality golden onion powder.
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