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How to draw Eyes glitter to look good?


I believe everyone likes eyes glitter. The superimposed eyes glitter on the eye makeup is very beautiful. It is a bit of an eye touch. The eyes glitter can also be applied directly on our eyes. It is very fast, simple and convenient to use. But how to make eyes glitter look good? Below, XUCAI eyes glitter suppliers will share with you how to draw eyes glitter.

eyes glitter

Tips for drawing eyes glitter

There are three kinds of Eyes glitter. The first one is that there is no need to add primer to bond, and it has its own adhesion. This type of glitter is often not that big.

How to apply makeup:

1. Use your fingers to take a small amount of eyes glitter and apply it to the center of the eyes, without smudging it;

2. Use the makeup spray to wet a compact small eye shadow brush, and then use the brush to dip the eyes glitter, and layer it on the eyes. The same is true, don't smudge it.

The second is liquid eyeshadow, which has its own adhesion, and the glitter of eyes glitter is also relatively large, just apply it directly to the eyes;

The third is the eye shadow powder with large glitter particles. This needs additional adjustment. Daily eye makeup will be exaggerated. It is suitable for jumping, special effect makeup or taking pictures.

It may be difficult for many novice makeup artists to draw eyes glitter, but in fact, as long as you master the correct way to apply eyes glitter, drawing eye makeup is very simple and fast. Among them, eyes glitter will give people a very sparkling feeling. Many people like this kind of sparkling eye makeup, but in fact, this kind of eyes glitter is very simple to draw.

First use a small eyeshadow brush to dip the brown eyes glitter directly on the double eyelid folds, and then use dark brown eyes glitter to deepen the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Remember to repeat the smudge on the edges to let them see It seems more natural. Then use a light-skinned eyes glitter to paint on the top of the eyes and the position of the lying silkworm, and then use dark brown eyes glitter to smear the position of the end of the eyes, and finally use a reddish brown to deepen the overall eye makeup color, and finally use your fingers to dip Take the champagne-colored eyes glitter and apply it directly on the top of the eyeball. Of course, you seem to overlap it many times until you are satisfied.

If your eye distance is relatively wide, you can put some sequins directly on the upper eye position, which can bring the effect of narrowing the eye distance. Or you can add some sequins to the folds of the double eyelid to give people a sense of fairy style. If you don’t like sequins, you can directly choose metallic lacquer eyeshadow, which can also have a very shiny Bright feeling.

In addition, you can still apply some sequins inside the folds of the double eyelids, and then you can find a slightly larger sequin and apply it under the eyes, which can immediately make you look more fashionable. You can choose some sequins that you like better, and then use the glue that glues the false eyelashes to stick the sequins directly under the eyes. It is best to stick them sparsely, and stick them in a small area, which can give people a very dreamy Very matte feeling.

how to use eyes glitter

If you use matte eyes glitter, you can add a little loose powder appropriately, so that when you blink, your eyes will look sparkly, very eye-catching and natural, and have a good brightening effect. You can push the glitter on the eyelids with your hands, apply it with a brush, or press it on the eyelids with a small eye shadow stick. It will be a bit exaggerated but very beautiful. Suitable for parties, stages, dinners. However, glitter is for highlighting, it is best to hit the brow bone, nose, eye socket, glitter is not suitable for eyes glitter. Different eyes glitter colors are suitable for different eyeball colors. Blue eyes should be matched with brown eyes glitter, green eyes should choose burgundy and purple eyes glitter, and girls with brown eyes can choose eyes glitter of all colors.

For more knowledge about eyes glitter, please contact XUCAI eyes glitter suppliers.

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