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How to make use of sequins make small brooch

by:Xucai     2020-05-16
1. Adjust the size of the black cloth pattern, with golden silk India sewn outline. PS: silk India opened slightly, will lines are hidden in the gap. 2. Begin decorating petals and leaves, and rice beads and beads sewing them. 3. In the proper position sewing beads and black millet beads. 4. Draw a line in the middle of the petals, a seam in the middle of crystal, sew sequins from both sides. 5. 4 mm gold sequins, a row of two rows of 6. Starting from the third row, the last use 3 mm sequins, then add lines 4 and 5 3 mm number of sequins, and use the 5 3 mm sequins. 7. Petals with sequins. In the same way to complete all other petals, the petals suture between the petals and blue horse eye crystal. 8. From the side, the whole works present a three-dimensional sense of 9 step by step. In the middle of the flower, to make the flowers from an elliptical crystal 10. In part of the crystal with imitation pearl flowers around 11. Continue to rice beads and Czech beads adornment flowers
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