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How to match with the bright clothes

by:Xucai     2020-05-10
Sequins on clothes with ordinary use, clothes with sequins then how to match? Under all I will give a brief introduction of tie-in way: 1, sequined dresses + shoes before the people wearing sequined skirt, high heels is the standard. You're not so wear, namely is to mix build, the chance to add double activities socks, sequined skirt up out of the street fashionable feeling ~ body mix baseball windbreaker, of course, and who are the principle. 2, sequins + knit the day is cold, you also might as well mixed knitwear. They are two material mixing. Sequins is hard and bright, look will also be reflective, chilly, but sweater soft gentle, pair the two together to happen to complement each other. 3, sequined dresses + suit is the two styles of mashup. Don't say sequins too catch a horse, too upstage? Then you can mix build a suit. The sequins, a suit of stuffy colligate just good. 4, sequined dresses + glitter leather and leather texture contrast is strong, but completely different style. Sequined skirt is sexy, leather is handsome, collocation is upgraded niang together the average man ~? Above is sequined dress collocation, want some help to you.
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