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How to print luminous powder?

by:Xucai     2019-12-11
In order to reduce the problem of metallic glitter precipitation in the coating, you can use high viscosity resin and add anti-settling agent. Stir evenly before use, and use diluent to adjust the viscosity, do not use heavy metal compounds as additives. The printing background is mainly white or reflective, which can improve the brightness and lighting time of the printed pattern. The thickness of coating and ink coating is more than 100 μ, if it can reach 130 μ ~ 150 μ, its effect ,( Use 80 mesh screen printing, you can reach this thickness twice). The recommended amount of metallic glitter is 10% ~ 70%, the more the amount used, the better the luminous effect. According to different printing materials, select different types of transparent substrates, such as printing metal materials, it is necessary to select metal-specific ink, such as printing PVC materials, it is necessary to select PVC-specific ink, the higher the transparency, the better the effect. If water-based coatings and inks are required, metallic glitter must be wrapped with special microcapsules. Dongguan huocai Crafts Co. , Ltd. is a professional Chinese onion manufacturing enterprise. We integrate with the research and development, production, sales and service of onion. Our products have also obtained SGS, MSDS, ISO9001, ISO14001 certificate. Popular in most domestic cities, our Glitter is also exported to countries and regions around the world, especially the United States and Europe.
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