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How to use flash powder, create a romantic scene

by:Xucai     2020-05-11
How to create a romantic at Christmas scene? Want to has a colorful Christmas easily feel at home? Want to friends and relatives friend's Christmas party provides a and comfortable? Had to do all this, it is not difficult, the current world of many decorative materials may help you to easily create popular elegant Christmas environment, let your home immediately 'Christmas'. Christmas candle flickering, glittering decorative lights, plus Christmas tree ornament opportunely, all these colourful Christmas decorations can foil festival atmosphere, adding the happy when you and your family and friends get together and happiness. A: will dress up Christmas ornaments with glitter powder lies in strengthening the characteristics of product visual effect; Make the decoration part rugged organized, have stereo feeling more. Unique decorative or reflective or seize the target effect. glitter bulk can after injection, silk screening, coating, spray the main type, used for Christmas decorations; Paper bags; CARDS; Couplet; The first act the role ofing is tasted; Cosmetic; Paint chemical industry; Glass crafts; Cloth art printing; Screen printing; Clothes; Shoes and leather accessories and other industries. Method 2: choose the characteristics of tipping paper dress up Christmas ornaments hot stamping paper is make the packaging print in colour and lustre, stereo feeling after hot stamping, metal feeling, have achieved good efficacy on anti-counterfeiting function, more is currently in use is more and more ordinary stereo stamping techniques, make the packaging of goods is senior elegant, gorgeous and rich nature. At present the product key used for greeting CARDS, bookmarks, signs, alcohol, tobacco, packaging and all kinds of advanced packing box.
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