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In the practical application of golden onion powder, what are the quality requirements

by:Xucai     2020-05-12
The quality key of glitter powder contains the brightness, temperature resistance, solvent resistance, law degree and smoothness, outwardly quality glitter powder particle size on average, manifest edges and corners, hexagonal type product is to the laws of honeycomb, no dust and impurities. glitter bulk have metal reflective effect, is unique in light with dazzling brilliance. High quality glitter powder features: 1. Brightness: recognition from the surface brightness, high quality of bright degree was higher. 2. Form: use microscope to see jin onion powder, in the form of high quality with glitter powder form unification, law degree is high. 3. Ph: with water soak that day, the high quality of is not easy discoloration. 4. High temperature resistant: in cooking mode that , after high temperature cooking quality glitter powder will not occur adverse effect, the way for more identified with glitter glue and nail polish with glitter powder.
The importance of glitter powder has increased as chunky glitter have become a must in our daily life.
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