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Is glitter powder the same as Jin Cong powder?

by:Xucai     2019-12-08
Everyone knows that glitter is a colorful flash pigment, rich in color, gold, silver, color, laser, Symphony, luminous, fluorescence, pearlescent, discoloration, light change, temperature change and so on.

What is Jin Cong powder, is it the same as glitter powder

In fact, glitter and Jin Cong powder are the same, they are the same product, but they are called differently by different industries, for example, glitter is also called gold powder, Sands, glitter powder, glitter, sequins, glitter. According to the shape, it can also be called shape sequins, such as heart-shaped sequins, cherry blossom sequins, Plum sequins, glitter, glitter bars and so on

Four Corners: 0. 1mm, 0. 3mm, 0. 4mm, 0. 5mm, 0. 6mm, 0. 8mm, 1. 0mm, 3. 0mm hex: 1/500 (0. 05mm)1/360 (0. 07mm)1/256 (0. 1mm)1/170 (0. 15mm)1/128 (0. 2mm)1/96 (0. 3mm)1/64 (0. 4mm)1/40 (0. 5mm)1/32 (0. 6mm)1/24 (0. 8mm)1/20 (1. 3mm)1/12 (2. 0mm)1/10 (2. 5mm)1/8 (3. 0mm)1/6 (5mm)0. 175 1/4 (6. 0mm)0. 20 wire strips: 0. 3x 1. 5mm, 0. 3x 3mm, 0. 3x 4. 7mm, 0. 2x 1. 5mm 0. 2X1mm 0. 1X0. 8mm

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