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Is it useful to use glitter powder? Is it easy to use?

by:Xucai     2019-12-18
I believe some of my friends must be the same as I was at the beginning. I don't know what he is. I haven't heard of it at all. If it weren't for house decoration, I really don't know what he does. Seeing the introduction on the Internet, I realized that he was used to fill the gap between tiles, and I only know little about him! Just like ordinary families, the owners do not have much research on home decoration, and they are quite lacking in fashion and design. They do not pay too much attention to some details of home decoration, and basically do not pay attention to it, so there is not much contact. So what material is the sewing agent made? What is his real role and purpose? Many consumers have doubts, don't worry, today, the glitter powder Xiaobian is popular, so that everyone can understand more clearly.

In the past, when the home was decorated, the caulking agent or white cement was used. After the tiles were laid, the caulking was carried out. Now it is different. Many consumers choose to use the glitter powder, it is composed of high-tech new polymer and high-quality glitter powder, and is a semi-fluid liquid; He is made of high-tech new polymer materials, various colors of glitter powder and special additives. The traditional seaming agent is applied to the surface of the caulking Agent. The new seaming agent does not need the caulking agent as the bottom layer, and can be directly added to the tile gap after the tile is bonded. It is suitable for gap filling of more than 2mm, and the construction is more convenient than ordinary type. It is an upgraded product of caulking agent.

The main purpose of glitter sewing agent is to make it beautiful and protect tiles and make it easier to clean. Relatives and friends around me all said that they were coaxing people and filling in gaps. What can be different; Are you timid when others say so? Then let me talk about the normal example. I believe everyone knows that after a long time, the cracks in the tiles are covered with dust and cannot be swept clean. The living room may be fine, but the bathroom and kitchen are not clean, I really can't bear to look directly at it. The dust and garbage on it are clearly visible to the naked eye and have been soaked in water for a long time. Some places have become moldy and black, which is extremely unsightly and sanitary, this is not solved yet. Keep it as an antique? The beauty of the fire is not unreasonable, waterproof, mildewproof, anti-fouling, good cleaning, hard as porcelain, can protect the tiles; Never turn black; It is the first choice for decoration, and it is a good helper for the family. In order to meet the needs of consumers, the color of the glitter powder is more colorful and varied. Different tiles can choose the right color to match, so consumers don't have to worry about making a beautiful tile. To a great extent, it gives consumers a high-quality life, prevents the growth of bacteria and protects the health of their families.

Now the advantages of glitter sewing agent have won the reputation of consumers and trust, now everyone understands? The home needs to do the tile beauty seam to act quickly!
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