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Is Pearlescent Pigment suitable for electrostatic coating processing?

by:Xucai     2019-12-23
The cross section of Pearlescent Pigment has a physical structure similar to Pearl; The core is Mica with low optical refractive index, and the outer layer is wrapped with metal oxides with high refractive index, such as titanium dioxide or iron oxide. In the ideal application, the Pearlescent Pigment is evenly dispersed in the coating, and forms a multi-layer distribution parallel to the surface of the substance. As in the Pearl, the incident light will pass through multiple reflections, the interference reflects the pearlescent effect. With the development of Pearlescent Pigment production, the application of Pearlescent Pigment is more and more well known. It can be used for automobile, motorcycle, bicycle coating, powder coating, architectural coating, pearlescent ink, pearlescent plastic products, pearlescent cosmetics, and can also be used in papermaking, printing and dyeing, printing rubber, ceramics and other industries. Pearlescent Pigment is a new type of pigment with pearl luster produced by natural mica thin skin covered with metal oxide. It can reproduce the brilliance and color of natural pearls, shells, corals and metals. The microscopic is transparent, flat, and relies on light refraction, reflection, and transmission to express color and light. Pearlescent glitter are non-toxic, high temperature resistant, light resistant, acid and alkali resistant, non-spontaneous combustion, non-combustion, non-conductive, non-migrating, and can meet the requirements of coatings, plastics, inks, leather, printing and dyeing, rubber, paper making, the different needs of cosmetics and other industries make the appearance of products in these industries more brilliant and beautiful. Pearlescent pigments are mixed with more transparent materials to produce a beautiful pearl luster, and can also be mixed with transparent pigments or dyes to obtain suitable color light, however, it should be avoided to mix with opaque ingredients or pigments with strong covering power, such as titanium dioxide, iron oxide and other glitter, so as not to affect the pearlescent effect. The color series of pearlescent glitter can produce a variety of different pearl lustre based on the principle of color mixing. The Pearlescent Pigment brand has stable physical properties and good dispersibility, and almost all coatings can be applied. Like general coating production, Pearl coating can be obtained by adding appropriate amount of pigment to transparent substrates of various coatings, which is suitable for coatings used in automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and other products. Pearlescent Pigment has good acid and alkali resistance, is suitable for water-based coatings, is resistant to sulfide, does not change color when encountering sulfide, and has non-conductive characteristics, and is suitable for electrostatic coating processing.
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