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Little knowledge about reflective powder

by:Xucai     2020-01-08
is produced from a glass-based powder material. The product can be directly added into paint or resin to make the product have a return reflective effect and can be used on surfaces of various complex shapes. is the core raw material for the production of reflective cloth, reflective film, reflective signs, school bags, water, land and air life-saving products and other new light functional composite materials. It can also be widely used in roads, ports, mines, as a safety sign, fire fighting and other fields greatly improve the safety and reliability of users. has the characteristics of high oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance and good reflective effect, and is divided into three refractive indexes, namely: nd≥1. 90, ND ≥ 1. 93, ND ≥ 2. 2 Specifications have 200 mesh ~ 800 mesh, the color is mainly silver gray and white to choose from. has the characteristic of returning reflection and thus produces strong return reflection effect. It can directly reflect 85% of the light back to the light source without external power supply, and return to the reflection brightness caused by reflection. Moreover, it is a very special color-changing pigment. Unlike other color-changing glitter, other color-changing glitter either pass through temperature or sunlight, and reflective powder passes through reflected light, thereby discoloring. General reflective powder will used in reflective clothes Road identification license plate warning sign and place that you know metallic glitter powder how injection? Pearl powder manufacturers talk about reflective powder injection molding methods: 1. First adjust the reflective powder in proportion, and add the right amount of paraffin oil or diffusion oil. 2. Then adjust it into a paste, then pour it into the weighed rubber compound, and fully stir it evenly to produce. 3. The materials that can be injected are: PP, PE, PVC, PU, PS, ABS, TPR, EVA, PMMA, nylon, etc. 4. The more transparent the plastic material, the better the luminous effect. The Toner should be fluorescent Toner as much as possible. The less the better the reflective powder can be added directly to the transparent ink, thus becoming a reflective ink, and then silk screen or brushing on the item, and the operation is simple and convenient. Preparation of reflective paste: according to the dosage, the reflective powder is weighed and then mixed into paste with solvent, then added into transparent printing paste for uniform use. When printing, the thickness of the printed adhesive layer should be thin, to 30 microns ~ 50 microns is appropriate to ensure that the reflective powder can be half exposed to the surface to produce a reflective effect. According to the purpose, the particle size of the thickness can be used to obtain various reflective effects. Remind everyone, pay attention to clean the construction surface before use, the surface is free of oil, to be dry. Before construction, reflective primer and reflective topcoat shall be evenly stirred; Stirring during the painting process to prevent the reflective powder from precipitating.
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