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Luminous toy luminous powder injection molding matters needing attention

by:Xucai     2019-12-14
Luminous toys are a kind of equipment that can be illuminated for children to play with, and their colors are also colorful. In fact, the luminous toy is the use of' target='_blank'>metallic glitter injection molding, so that the toy emits beautiful light at night, then what should be paid attention to when the luminous toy metallic glitter is used in the injection molding method? The following is a brief introduction. 1, ingredients: First scale according to the proportion of good light storage luminous powder (The content is about 2 ~ 10%), Add a small amount of diffusion oil (Paraffin oil, white oil) Stir into a paste, then add the raw materials to stir, then add the toner to stir, stir evenly, the time should not be too long to avoid the precipitation of long afterglow luminous powder, pay attention to the yaodesheng technology luminous powder to avoid friction with heavy metals such as iron, will make the raw materials black. The materials that can be used are: PP, PE, PVC, PU, PS, ABS, TPR, EVA, PMMA, nylon, etc. The more transparent the plastic material, the better the luminous effect. The Toner should be fluorescent Toner as much as possible. The less the better. 2, the injection molding machine temperature is lowered, can be injection molding, the material in the injection molding machine time should not be too long, so as not to burn. 3. Injection molding machine: the products injected by different machines are also different. New machines and old machines, domestic machines and imported machines all need to be solved through slow debugging. 4. : luminous powder may cause blackening due to various reasons in injection molding, injection molding technology and injection molding machines, which can be determined according to their own conditions.
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