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Matters needing attention in application of Pearlescent Pigment

by:Xucai     2019-12-27
The basic raw material of Pearl pigment from metallic glitter manufacturers is natural mica. Mica is carefully ground into fine powder of different particle sizes, coated with titanium dioxide to form coatings of different thicknesses, and then fired at 900 degrees Celsius and specially treated to make translucent, very stable, almost chemically inert Pearlescent Pigment. They are not affected by temperature during application. Its Flake structure will not precipitate, Frost or melt in the resin. are non-toxic and do not contain metal components. They rely entirely on optical principles to form different colors. By controlling the particle size of mica and the thickness of the coating layer, a series of white, metallic and high-gloss pearlescent glitter with different particle sizes can be obtained. The mass ratio of Pearlescent Pigment in pearlescent topcoat is generally controlled at 3%-8%. In order to increase the hiding power of Mica Pearlescent Pigment, a small amount of aluminum powder with equal particle size can be added. The addition of aluminum powder improves the hiding power but affects the luster. Example of titanium dioxide thin layer on the surface of Mica titanium Pearlescent Pigment of Pearlescent Pigment brand may be damaged and destroyed under mechanical action, so excessive shear force should be avoided during mechanical dispersion, it is better to use a high-speed anchor frame mixer. For micro-pearlescent pigments over 325 mesh, three-roll grinding should be used for dispersion. For cars, motorcycles, and a class of objects with higher decorative requirements, it is better to choose more than 200 mesh, otherwise it is not possible to obtain a soft luster similar to silk. Mica titanium Pearlescent Pigment must undergo surface modification before it can be applied in coatings. As a kind of high decorative products for cars require extremely high gloss of paint film, it is necessary to adopt mechanical dispersion. Application in coatings-- Note: the pigment should be used with transparent dyes and glitter. If it is used with opaque pigments, it will reduce the luster of the Pearl. Avoid long-term high shear mixing. Avoid the pearlescent mix of the complementary colors of the symphony series. When the coating is at low viscosity, the pearlescent pigment particles will precipitate. Please stir again when using. Application in plastics-- Note: plastic resin should have high transparency and avoid the addition of covering filler. Do pearlescent glitter avoid using high speed points for a long time during mixing and processing? Scattered machine. Use excellent color matching with other pigments to select pigments with good transparency. When a small amount of covering pigments must be added, the amount of pearlescent pigments should be increased accordingly.
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