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On the blending method of pearl powder ink from pearl powder manufacturers

by:Xucai     2020-01-02
The excellent chemical corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance of Pearlescent Pigment provide the possibility of its wide application in coatings, inks, plastics and various fields, they provide a new color system and color quality for these products. Pearlescent glitter have low heavy metal content and meet relevant safety technical standards, so they can be used in food packaging and children's toys. Neither acid nor alkali can erode pearlescent glitter at normal temperature. Pearlescent Pigment can not burn, not spontaneous combustion, non-conductive, can withstand 600 ~ A high temperature of 800 ° C. can also be used in radiation curing systems (Electron beam curing, Photocuring)In the reactive coating. The special surface chemical structure of Pearlescent Pigment makes it have excellent hydrophilicity, so it can be applied to water-based coatings, but it has poor lipophilicity, so when used in organic systems, the problem of poor dispersibility will occur, pearlescent pigments need to be surface treated so that they can also be well applied to organic systems. have good dispersibility and good physical and chemical properties, so they are widely used in coating industry. No matter what kind of monochrome paint is mixed with pearlescent pigment, it can become pearlescent paint, and its pearlescent and metallic luster effects are impressive. Pearlescent coatings have been applied to many fields such as automobiles, locomotives, daily necessities, building materials, etc. are Flake structures, so wetting is simple and rapid, but the polar surface of the system and the chemical properties of the medium or solvent should be considered. The wafer of the Pearlescent Pigment is easily damaged when it is dispersed. Usually, the pearlescent pigment can be dispersed by simple stirring. If dispersion machinery is used, only short-term mixing is allowed. manufacturers recommend pre-dispersing pulping and then adding paint to mix. of Pearl pigment brand is basically to be mixed into paint and ink, but some processes need to be directly mixed with pearl powder and material. The number of pearlescent powder: the thicker is 20 mesh, the more detailed is 2000 mesh, and the finer particle size is 3-5UM, thicker: 100-1000UM. Performance of pearl powder: pearl powder is universal for water and oil, and can withstand 600- 800 degrees high temperature, as well as acid and alkali resistance, anti-oxidation. The preparation method of pearl powder ink: Let's give an example of 100g sample. We need to take 8%-12% metallic glitter, put it in a container ( The addition of pearl powder still needs to be determined according to its own product requirements). Put 20%- 30% of the opening oil and pearl powder are stirred to dilute. Generally speaking, the opening oil and water are mainly divided into Tianna water, 783, 781, butyl ester, ethyl ester, cyclohexanone and diluent. Add another 70%- 65% varnish, varnish, must first be determined according to the material, different materials need to use different varnish. In general, we need to increase the reduction ratio according to our own product conditions.
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