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Plastic sequins basic specifications of popularity

by:Xucai     2020-05-17
Plastic sequins comprehensive introduction 1, plastic sequins main materials: PVC film, PET film, colorful film, laser film golden color film, high and low temperature and aluminum materials are cut. Various material plastic sequins to different extent under high temperature. 2, plastic sequins shape are: quadrangle, hexagonal, circle, rectangle, peach heart, a five-pointed star and crescent, snowflakes form, plum flower form, Mickey Mouse first. 3, plastic sequins application scope: arts and crafts, Christmas candle technology, cosmetics, printing paint, glass crafts, decoration, couplets, Spring Festival couplet, calendars, toy surface, fake filaments flower Ma Qian grams, lanterns, festive supplies, glass, jewelry, furniture, kitchen utensils and appliances, ceramic surface spray paint, and other fields, its characteristic is to increase the product's visual effect, make the decoration part is concave and convex have layers, have stereo feeling more. 4, product categories: gold, silver series, color series, laser series, iridescence series, fluorescent series, aluminum series, rainbow series high temperature plastic injection. 5, plastic sequins main usage: spraying, silk screen printing. 6, plastic sequins note: it is forbidden to open fire, store in a cool, ventilated, dry place, avoid light preservation.
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