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Rainbow pearl powder can show the color

by:Xucai     2020-01-05
According to the type of titanium dioxide, the coating rate and the size of the particles, a variety of models of silver-white pearl gloss glitter can be obtained, and large particles show a dazzling metallic luster, the small particles show a silky soft color, and different titanium dioxide crystals can be selected according to different needs. If weather resistance is required, metallic Redstone titanium dioxide coated Mica pearl gloss pigment can be selected. Mica iron series glitter directly cover the surface of mica with a layer of iron oxide film to produce interference colors such as bronze, red brown, wine red, purple red, red and green according to the thickness of iron oxide coating, the color is bright, the gloss is strong, and the tinting power is large. Although it is non-metallic, it can produce metallic luster. Rainbow pearl powder this series of pigments can present different rainbow-like colors, and this effect is produced by the interference color of light. As the thickness of the titanium dioxide coating changes, when light hits the pigment surface, part of the light will be reflected (This is assumed to be red light), Another part of the light (This is red light) It will penetrate, thus forming different reflected light and translucent light. Metal metallic glitter this series of pigments is covered with a layer of titanium dioxide on the surface of natural mica, and then covered with a layer of iron oxide, which not only has pearl luster, but also has the color of iron oxide. Before purchasing pearl powder of Pearl pigment brand, it must be clear whether other background colors affect pearl powder in the printed matter. If pearl powder needs to be printed on a background color pattern, the color change of pearl powder must be considered first. For example, printing white pearl powder on a deep red pattern will fade the deep red background color into a light color, and a white pearl effect will be seen at 45 °. If it is replaced with red pearl powder, it will set off each other, but the red color still has some changes. It is generally recommended to print Pearl on the paper first, and then print non-pearl patterns on it, the effect will be more vivid and perfect. The ink used in conjunction with pearlescent pigments from pearlescent powder manufacturers requires high transparency, otherwise it will affect the pearlescent effect of pearlescent pigments. The selected pigment is transparent pigment. If opaque pigment is selected, the addition amount should be small to avoid covering or reducing pearlescent effect.
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