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Resistance to Pearlescent Pigment development

by:Xucai     2019-12-29
After decades of development, China's Pearl pigment manufacturing industry has successively produced more than 20 metallic glitter manufacturers, of which the scale is relatively large and the technology is relatively mature, accounting for a certain share in the market. The market concentration of enterprises in the industry has gradually increased. Enterprises in the industry have continuously introduced new products, cultivated medium and high-end users and led the changing trend of market demand. The medium and high-end products produced by some enterprises have gradually extended to foreign market fields and have gradually been accepted and recognized. At the same time, there will be corresponding resistance to the development of an industry. Here is a brief talk about the resistance to the development of pearlescent glitter. Mica titanium Pearlescent Pigment is a kind of optical color-changing pigment with a new concept. It has a broad development space and will certainly reduce production costs with the deepening of research, for the wide application of Mica titanium Pearlescent Pigment in the near future, it will open up a broader road and create more convenience for users to choose products and use. At present, the application research of pearlescent glitter is still in a very weak link, at present, the research and development of pearlescent glitter in coating, plastic, printing ink, artificial leather, building materials, cosmetics, paper, packaging materials, textile printing and dyeing and other aspects of application technology has just started, because most people still know little about the characteristics of this new type of decorative pigment, and the application technology lags behind, the technical level is low, and the decorative effect is poor, which restricts the application and promotion of Pearlescent Pigment. This makes many products that can be decorated with this kind of pigment to enhance the added value of the products, and loses excellent competitive opportunities. However, people have never stopped pursuing glitter, because people clearly understand the truth: a breakthrough in applied technology will often promote the upgrading of products in an industry, it will bring immeasurable economic benefits to an industry. The Pearlescent Pigment production process of Pearlescent Pigment brand seems simple, but the actual production technology is complicated and involves many disciplines. Therefore, all countries in the world have strictly kept the technology confidential and blocked. In order to keep business secrets, many companies have never announced their annual sales results. Compared with some industrialized countries, the scientific research, production and application of mica-titanium Pearlescent Pigment in China are still in the primary stage of development, regardless of product quality, variety and application technology, many key technical issues have not yet made breakthrough progress, making the products of German and Japanese pigment companies still dominate the world.
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