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Seven pigments have what use?

by:Xucai     2020-05-18
Due to the need of the era and the development trend of printing technology, seven toner surface finish, presents the development trend of diversification, the original printing gold, silver art film, seven color powder die cutting, stamping, concave and convex pressure, oil ( Water) Such as fluid also presents the diversified development trend. Paper surface finish of special effect processing has become a tacky and relief of The Times, local uv color crystal has been used in screen printing. Underlines the influence, the new technology is a kind of popular, popular art paper finishing process. Seven toner effect is remarkable, that is, use the characteristic of rapid solidified uv liquid crystal ink, ink layer colorless transparent, no breath, no volatile, curing, no yellowing, non-proliferation of line network printing, rising and amorphous and crystalline transparent, smooth and delicate, to participate in the abundant and transparent. RFUL foil powder, and the color is very bright, in the light, people from different angles, there will be no ordinary color changes to reflect the artistic enjoyment. It is usually used in high-end packaging, calendar, greeting card, label, cigarette bags and cover. Is suitable decoration to the visual contrast between the larger pattern. Seven colored powder make the products more vivid, elegant, give a person a kind of unpleasant indulgence and pleasant feeling. And, more importantly, because of its production process, creative arts and design is different, so you also arranged for classification and tools. Under the way of surface printing, seven color powder can protect impression, decorative products, change membrane, increase anti-counterfeiting effects and segmentation effect, and can produce visual effects in their own style, product class progress, make products more attractive. It is now processing the surface of the more popular low-cost printing glitter decoration. Can screen printing glitter bulk is now almost in all items on a simple, seven color powder, thick layer of ink layer, mature production technology, the author thinks that the perfection of multicolor crystal finish for its special effects, it can see gravure and flexographic printing production process such as the square of the gas, seven color powder forming at a time. New home manual, semi-automatic, automatic, high-speed platform or rotary screen printing machine. As a result, people changed in the past. Screen printing glitter bulk is the only traditional manual operation, low technical content, not in a good taste. Online screen printing a large number of high-speed printing and processing, has been the industry recognized, and has been widely used.
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