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The cause of the rapid development of the market sequins have?

by:Xucai     2020-05-17
Bucket of textile special printing is fabric strength finally finished product shows special blew a printed textile referred to as special printing. Special printing originated in the fabric printed fabrics, such as early fluorescent' target='_blank'>glitter bulk printing, real wax resist printing, infiltration of pure silk printing, and so on are referred to as the special printing. In recent years, special printing on fabrics is agile printing, paper printing, the main reason: ( 1) People living level improved, require fancy dress in the novel, the color is fashionable, wearing also have strange unreal feeling or differences of freshness; ( 2) The growth of high and new technology, new material emerge in endlessly, the new technology, new material on textiles organic links; ( 3) The fierce competition in the textile printing market, make enterprise development special printing products to won the market. Is the leading role of the implementation of special printing, special printing materials flash with golden onion powder can be more flew in printed material.
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