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What are the applications of glitter powder?


Glitter powder as a surface treatment material with a unique effect has been widely used in various industries. Let's take a look at which industries are applied to it.

glitter powder

Glitter powder application industry

1. Cosmetics industry

      The glitter powder required by the industry must use high-quality, environmentally friendly new materials and specially crafted formulas. The products have variable colors, unique color systems, and diverse shapes. They have been leading the fashion and popular colors, and are a must-have product for professional nail products, makeup products, fashion jewelry and other industries.

2. Building materials industry

      Adopting high-quality polyester material, Glitter products are widely used in beauty products, artificial quartz stone, mosaic, floor, cabinet UV panel, wallpaper, furniture spray paint and craft glass, etc. The product features are acid and alkali resistant, anti-aging and anti-aging The characteristics of ultraviolet rays, high transparency, etc., the glitter powder products were originally limited to indoor decoration, and gradually extended to outdoor decoration, the product quality has been greatly improved.

3. Stationery glue industry

      The selection of glitter powder is of high standard, and the craftsmanship is extremely high, especially in terms of environmental protection, such as formaldehyde, heavy metal content, and the quality of products such as acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and other hard indicators must meet high standards.

4. Screen printing industry

    Glitter powder's unique metal flash texture, uneven bumps and rich three-dimensional sense, this unique visual effect is widely used in the field of screen printing, garment cloth printing, paper printing, leather printing and other mainstream industries. With the increasing environmental protection requirements at home and abroad year by year.

     Main demand characteristics:

①Resistant to water washing and alkali water (PH value <= 10), cooking (maintaining at 100 ℃) for 1 hour without fading.

② Wash more than 5 times in 70 ℃ warm water.

③ The formaldehyde content per kilogram of glitter shall not exceed 30PPM.

5. Greeting card couplet industry

      The glitter powder powder couplet series mainly include: "Chinese Gold" and "Chinese Red". Gold is modeled after the color of gold, which is shining and shining. "China Red" is modeled on the bright red of the five-star red flag, with high purity and dazzling. The glitter powder powder needs to be resistant to high temperature and ultraviolet rays. It can maintain the bright colors without fading after long-term exposure to the sun.

6. Plastic products industry

      Glitter powder needs to have high temperature resistance, high-level coating coloring, so that it can maintain regularity at 180-200 degrees high temperature, uniform particles, bright colors, and not fade. Such glitter powder is the best choice for high-temperature injection molding industries such as crystal shoes, plastic products, acrylic panels. New areas in the future: refrigerator panels, kitchenware panels, fishing gear and other products can be processed and injection molded with high temperature resistant products, or fine specifications (currently the finest can be 1/1500 "), giving the surface a unique metallic flash texture, high-end Atmospheric grade.

7. Christmas craft industry

      Glitter powder is widely used in Christmas crafts, Easter gifts, and Halloween gifts. Its variable colors and glitter make these decorations particularly dazzling.

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