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What are the characteristics of pearlescent gold powder on the market?

by:Xucai     2020-01-05
Pearlescent Pigment refers to a decorative pigment with pearl luster. It is based on mica, Flake Shi Ying, Flake alumina or flake glass powder, the surface is coated with a layer of metal oxide transparent film with high refractive index. Pearlescent Pigment brand pearlescent gold powder mica sheet is coated with metal oxide, which does not belong to metal gold powder, but has both pearl luster and metallic luster. Therefore, it is called pearlescent gold powder. The appearance of pearlescent gold powder is transparent, flat and glittering gold powder, which has larger diameter, smooth plane and high refractive index than common glitter. At the same time, it has elegant golden luster, with an average effective refractive index of 2. 5. Pearlescent gold powder is non-toxic, tasteless, acid and alkali resistant, non-explosive, non-conductive, non-arc, and has high heat resistance (900 ° C)And higher weather resistance. The chemical structure of pearlescent gold powder makes it have excellent dispersion performance and can be applied to water-based gold paint. Pearlescent gold powder is divided into synthetic mica pearlescent gold powder and natural mica pearlescent gold powder from the material. The synthetic mica is gorgeous in color, and it is a kind of yellow-gold powder that is crystal clear like crystal but glittering like gold, therefore, it is also called Crystal pearlescent gold powder, and ordinary pearlescent gold powder is made of natural mica. Because the transparency and purity of natural mica are not high, the brightness and flash ratio are low, the color is also darker and the price is therefore cheaper. In addition to coating titanium dioxide on the surface of mica, the golden pearl gloss series effect pigment also adds an iron oxide coating layer, relying on precise control of different coating thicknesses of titanium dioxide and iron oxide, produce a variety of gold colors with strong metallic luster and high saturation color, its hue is very good, the chromatography is complete, completely high temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, chemical resistance, light resistance in any occasion, can completely replace metal pigments (Such as bronze powder such) To overcome the shortcomings of the latter, such as easy oxidation, discoloration, and flammability. The golden pearl metallic gloss effect pigment has a complete color and can be used in color matching at the same time. Different models and proportions are mixed or mixed with silver-white series, you will get the ideal Gold Pearl and metallic luster you need.
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