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What are the factors that affect the quality of Mica pearlescent pigments?

by:Xucai     2020-01-04
Pearl powder manufacturers talk about the factors that affect the quality of Mica pearlescent glitter in the following aspects :(1) Particle morphology and diameter-thickness ratio of matrix Mica powder: Matrix Mica powder is the carrier for stacking and coating nano titanium dioxide particle films, the particle morphology and diameter-thickness ratio of matrix Mica powder have great influence on the quality of Mica Pearlescent Pigment. The diameter-to-thickness ratio of the matrix Mica powder commonly used to prepare Mica glitter is required to be greater than 50. (2) Inclusions in mica flakes: the chemical composition of natural sericite raw materials is complex, especially the colored metal ion oxides such as iron, manganese, chromium and vanadium, which not only directly affect the original whiteness and luster of mica flakes, it also affects the whiteness and luster of the Pearlescent Pigment after the chemical accumulation reaction coating. Especially when making snow white pearlescent pigment with high whiteness and luster, this effect becomes more and more prominent, which is manifested by low whiteness, poor luster, gray, yellow or black color. If these mica sheets with high impurity content are used to make magic colors and colored pearlescent glitter, the color deviation of the pigments and the color drop will be shown. (3) Process elements of the coating process: for the chemical liquid phase stacking process, the technological elements of the accumulation coating process are closely related to the hydrolysis reaction of titanium salt, the accumulation of hydrolysis products on Mica matrix to form nano-particle coating and the growth of the film. In particular, the factors such as pH value, temperature, stirring speed and agent dropping acceleration have great influence. In the experiment, it is to affirm the parameters of these elements to regulate and control the process of the above-mentioned technological links. The study indicated that no matter what type of Mica Pearlescent Pigment is manufactured, the reaction is requested to stop in an environment with relatively constant reaction conditions such as pH value and temperature, the hydrolysis rate of titanium salt and the nucleation and growth rate of hydrated titanium dioxide particles are relatively stable and harmonious with each other, so as to obtain an average lubricated and dense titanium dioxide particle coating layer. The rough and uneven surface of the pigment particles will diffuse light in different directions. The result is that the reflected light interferes with each other and the gloss is reduced. As long as the smooth surface of the object can achieve a single direction of light reflection, parallel reflected light to enhance the gloss.
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