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What are the features colorful glitter powder?

by:Xucai     2020-04-25
A; The characteristics of colorful glitter powder; Colorful glitter is made by imported PET polyester film by careful mechanical cutting into uniform sequins. Colorful golden onion powder, the purpose of the ordinary, there are two kinds of general, farewell is hexagonal and quadrangle, the raw materials have a PET, OPP, ALUM, etc. ; Color with gold, silver, red, blue, green, seven color, colorful, etc. Its raw material and surface protective layer can make the color is light, climate, temperature, mildly corrosive to the environment also have certain resistance and temperature tolerance. The rainbow is not resistant to acid and alkali resistance to high temperature of 110 degrees. 2. The purpose of colorful glitter powder; Colorful glitter powder effect, as a kind of special surface treatment materials, colorful glitter powder ordinary used in handicrafts, Christmas candle torch technology, cosmetic, silk screen printing industry ( Cloth, leather, shoes, shoes materials, new series) , decorative materials ( Glass crafts, crystal glass; The crystal ball) Such as furniture paint line, its characteristic is that reinforce the product's visual effect, make the decoration part rugged organized, have stereo feeling more. The characteristics of its high flash, at the same time make the decorations dazzling bright, times add brilliance.
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