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What are the influence PTA for glitter powder industry

by:Xucai     2020-05-16
The PTA what are the implications of' target='_blank'>glitter powder industry? The following brief introduction: the raw materials PTA prices, and a new capacity to reduce factors such as industry, BOPET ( Two-way stretch polyester film) Prices keep rising. Zhuo, according to data and information in east China normal membrane prices keep rising, quotation is RMB 16010 per m/t - 16510 yuan, compared to the same period last year rose nearly 100%. BOPET film industry since 2014 expansion slowed, only 100000 tons of new capacity in 2017, 2018, in addition to the Eurasian resume work, BOPET industry, no new capacity. Began to return to product price since May 2017, a relatively low price 8000 yuan/tons, currently has more than 1. 60000 yuan/ton. Due to the current limited capacity under construction, plant construction period is longer, in new capacity, and packing and so on the downstream demand remain nearly three years in double-digit growth, the boom of industry in the recovery stage. Golden onion powder production enterprises generally is the relatively small size, the annual output of 1000 tons of enterprise also only of the few. In the face of the upstream enterprise bargaining power is weak, this year's PET film rises in price considerably, over a dozen consecutive annuity onion powder product prices down not only by market. Domestic mainly manufacturers by high prices factory, alleviate the pressure of the rising raw material and labor costs.
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